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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I Don't Belong Here...

Merintih Aku Seorang Diri..
Mengenangkan Dirimu Kekasih..
Mengapa Kau Pergi Meninggalkan Ku..
Setelah Bersumpah Setia.....

Dahulu Diriku Kau Puja.....
Tapi Kini Diriku Kau Hina..
Apa Salah Dosa Dan KesilapanKu..
Hingga Kini Ku Masih Mencari..

Mungkinkah Kerana Diriku Ini..
Tiada Harta Juga Paras Rupa..

Mengapa Kau Pergi..
Tinggalkan Ku Sendiri..
Pedihnya Hati Ku Ini..

Siapalah Aku..
Terhadap Dirimu..
Bukan Ku Pinta Hidup Sebegini..

Semoga Engkau..
Hidup Bahagia..
Bersama Kekasih Barumu..

Doa Ku Untuk Mu Oh Kasih..
Semoga Kau Terus Bahagia..
Dirimu Kini Bukan Milik Ku..
Apalah Daya Ku Lagi..

Setelah Lama Ku Menanti..
Sebabnya Kau Meninggalkan Aku..
Dengan Mudahnya Kau Berkata Padaku..
Tempatku Bukan Di Hati Mu..

Who Am I?

Who Am I, Where Have I Come From?

In This Time, Have I Been Before?

Who Is She, In This Goddess Form?

Love Divine, Soul And Flesh Restored..

In The Infinite Expanse Of Time..

There Are Spirits We Can't Deny..

Fire And Ice, Hand In Hand Creating Life..

Man And Wife, The Ancients Have Foretold..

Still A Spark, Is Struck By Whose Device..

No One Knows, How Love Immortal Grows..

I Have Seen, so Many Things, Not Through My Eyes..

What Have I Done, To Be so Born, Of Ancient Lore..

She Has Been Everything, My Soul Desired..

Love Conquers All, Our Spirits Are Forever More..

A Moment Seems An Eternity..

A Lifetime Lived In A Dream..

Over And Again But You Know The End..

Do You Have The Same Dream Like Me?

And My Spirit Is Free..

I'm More Than What You Can See..

I Will Make You Believe..

Can't Keep Away...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sadness And Grief...

Feeling Sad Is One Of The Unwanted Feeling For All Of Us..It Will Happens Want It Or Not..It Will Come..When It's Unexpected Surely It's Going To Be Shock For Us.... Today I Feel That..In A Situation That I Think I Can Still Handle It..Alone And Without Anyone To Comfort Me..Feels Great To Wrote This Down..At Least This Is What I Can Do..

For Some Reason A Person Tends To Test Me To The Limit Of My Patient And Willingness To Get Something Very Worth To Wait And Suffer For..Even Die For..Why?Because I'll Rather Die Than Seeing The Person In Other Men Hand.. Belive That...But That's Of Course Just A Saying On How Truly And Badly I Want That Person To Be Mine..

Speaking Of Sufferring,I've Suffered More Than Anyone Can Imagine..Life........ Career..Love...Friends..Family..Mix Up In A Way That Anyone Feels That Can They Been In What I've Been?This Is A Massive Killing Capacity..Feel That.....

Seriously For The Past 2 Days..I've Been Dying To Call The Person..Dying To Hear Her Voice..Wondering What Would It Sounds Like..How Does She Laugh..
The Sensitivity Of Her Talks..The Beat Of Her Very Words..It's Just Killing Me To Know And Heard That..Well,I'm Just Too Damn Shy To Done That..Yes I Know.. When You Love Someone You Call Them And Talk To Them..To Me This Is Diffrent..Totally Diffrent..I'm Shy To Whom I Love..Totally..I Can Be Numb In This Kind Of Part..That's On The Phone..Imagine While Meeting..Perhaps I Could Be Fainted..Really?Never Happend But Hope Not To Be Happend..God I Love Her So Much..Supposedly To Tell Her But Who Am I To Tell?Will She Love Me Magically If I Do That?Miracle If By Saying Randomly They'll Fall In Love Guys..

Some Found Love Unexpected And In Easy Ways..No Big Challenge To Get Through With..All Seems Perfect Way Long Road To The Marriage..Perhaps Just A Little Rough On This And That..But Some Don't...Some Keep On Failing And Just Keep On..Untill They Found Out One..But Is It Done There?No..Hell No... The Challange Keep On Pouring Like A Rain In The Dark..It Hits You Without You Being Able To See What's Coming..You Will Be Wet..Cold..Hunger..With Some Terms Called Love..

I'm All Out...Out Of Ideas..I Can't Find A Way To Call Her..I Can't Find A Way To Ask Her Out..I Can't Find A Way Of Convincing Her How Truly My Feeling Is...I Can't Thinking Of Anything Right Now..God Help Me..

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Between Determination And Dying..

My God..Am I Exhausted..It's Been 3 Days Straight Working Overtime..Time Arrive At Home?4 Am..4 Damn Am...In The Morning..And Yet,9 Am The Same Day,Start Working Back..I'm Writing This Now At 408 Am Peninsular Malaysia Time..So,Do Your Thinking..What The Hell Job I Held Now..

Why Is That Happening?From Office..To Klang..Sabak Bernam..Sg Besar..Kepong.. Keramat..KL..Back To Office..Then After That...Home..Damn I Love That..But Still It's Unbeareble Exhausted..Perhaps While Still Young I Can Manage That..How About Another 5 Year?Can I Still Do It?I Don't Know..So I'm Badly Needed Of A New Job And A Better One..The Job And The Payment..Insya Allah..

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Totally Frustrated...


Evening..Today Has Left Me Lots Of Memory And Lesson To Be Learn..I Don't Know Why But It's Happening And It's Done For Sure..Today For Me Is The Happiest Day In My Life For The Second Time In This Year..Lots Of Things Happen..Can't Quite Describe It Here But It's Just Happened....

In An Unplanned Situation..I Found Out Some Of My Friends Got Stuck On The Saddest Day Of Their Life..Something Like Getting Sick..Life Sucks..Boyfriend Cheated...Girlfriend Cheated..And An Unknown Sad Story Of Miss X..Something That Make Me Worried To Sick..I Don't Know What Happen...It Makes Me Guess A Lots Of Things...Well I Know That I Don't Have The Right To Know..But,At Least She's Trying To Say But But Only Tell The Sub Contents Of The Matters..Not The Contents..It Feel Annoyed But Who Am I Right?

You Know Guys...When You Love Someone You Truly Care Every Inch Of What They Feel And Suffer..Only The Problem To Me Is I Don't Know How To Show It Or Don't Really Know The Proper Way To Show It..If The Things Is Worst..I'll Surely Know How To Make It Even Worst By Accident On The Stupidity That I Am..Being In Love Is Like Hell But If You Make It Heaven's Await..It's Not That I'm Frustrated That Miss X Didn't Want To Told Me The Matters..I'm Frustrated Because I Don't Know What It Is And I Can't Say Anything..Help Anything And Comfort Her In Any Way That I Can According To My Ability And My Position To Her..Only God Knows How I Feel About This..Knowing Thing Not The Proper Way And Mostly Is I Can't Do Anything...

How Does It Feel When You Want To Help But You Can't Help?You Know How To Help But You Don't Know What's To Be Help Of?To Me,I Don't Blame Anyone If Any Shit Happens To Me Or Anyone..I Just Put Myself If I'm The One Who's The Victim Here..You Want Help But You Don't Tell So How You'll Get Help?It's Better To Throw Things Of The Chest Rather Than Keeping It Till It's Blow Off On Itself..By That Maybe It's Too Late And Lesson Can't Be Learn..Please..If Anyone Feel Involved In This Matter...I'm Dying To Know And Help You All..Give Me A Chance..Give Me A Way..Show Me The Road..Bring Me The Horizon..Insya Allah There's Something There To Be Told To Be Show To Be Seen...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Recently I've Read A Post From Miss X..Not Tru To Belive So Cause It's Beyond God Will That We Trust Things Like That...But On The Other Side..That's Years Of Study And Questioning..That's To Me Is Psychological Of Personality..It's True To Some But No Exactly Accurate..

Well..From What She Post..Looks Like It Hits Me In The Head..Almost 90% Accurate There..Haha..Well..Just Don't Trust It Truly..
Today..Lets Talk About Safety..What Is Safety?Well..Avoiding Any Accident And So On Like That.,..Safety Environment At Work For Me Is The Most Important Things To Look Up On..

70% Of Injury Came From Workplace..Whether It's Minor Or Major Type Of Injury..Just To Say Things Clearly..Nothing Safe In This World..Any Place..Any Where..Any Kind Of Situation..Anything..

Today..I'm One Of The Victims Of Terms "Safety"..A Split Of A Second You Deny Any Safety Precautions..You'll Pay For It Like Injury..Broken Bone..Bleeding..Or Even Worst Die..While Attempt To Drill A Hole On The Wall..I've Forgot The Safety Of The Right Way To Stand On A Ladder While Holding A Power Drill..In That False Position,My Hands Were Too Close To The Drill Bit..By The Will Of God..The Drill Bit Suddenly Crash From Its Position And Got Bend More Than 90 Degree..

Well...I'm In Quite A Shock And Forgot To Loose The Power Trigger..Loose My Balance..The Drill Still Spins Like A Helicopter Blade..And Of Course..The Closer
Target Was..The Hand Of Where The Helicopter Land Crash..Haha..God The Pain Is Something Can't Be Describe..How To Tell You Guys?Well..Watch This..

This Was Taken Hours After The Accident..So No Blood To Be Seen But That's Real My Friends...Hell Yeah It's An Unbeareble Pain..

Monday, 2 February 2009

Starting Today Until This Saturday Is Gonna Be An Exhausted Weekdays For Me As My Band Is Taking Part In The Battle Of The Band Held At The Titiwangsa Lake This Sunday 8th Of February 2009..

What's Gonna Be On Our Tracklist?After Some Good Argument,It's Gonna Be The Four Horsemen And Hit The Lights Both By Metallica..At Last..After Years Of Pain And Aggression We're Now Ready To Take The Next Step In Our 2nd Career..To Perform And Been Judge By Peoples And Jury..

Hope All The Best To Us..Hope We Do Enjoy It..It's Not About Winning It's About How You Cheers The People And Make Them Enjoy!Let's Rock!


I Need Someone To Live For..

Something To Die For..

Because This Crazy Life..

Is Getting To Me..

Don't Want To Play The Part..

Of A Man With A Broken Heart..

Somebody Help Me Find A Way..

To Release The Aggression Inside..

How Many Times Heart's......

Gone Through The Grinder?...

Wherever I Look.............

There's A Painful Reminder..

Blood On The Paper And Skin On My Teeth..

Trying To Commit To What's Beneath..

To Find The Time Is To Lose The Momentum..

You Learn The Lessons And Immediately Forget Them..

Automatic And Out Of My Reach..

Consult All The Waste To Find The Key..

Minimal Life And The Polysyllabic..

I'm Just Another Blank Page..

Push The Button, Pull The Rage..

Can You Feel This?

I'm Dying To Feel This..

Can You Feel This?

I'm Buried To Feel This..

I Am All, But What Am I?

Another Person That Isn't Equal To You..

I Control, But I Comply..

Pick Me Apart, Then Pick Up The Pieces..

I'm Uneven..I Am The Damaged One..

All My Life And The Damage Done..

Who Am I? And Where Am I Going?

Maybe I'm Looking In The Wrong Direction..

Maybe I'm Looking For Any Direction..

This Is Not My War..This Is Not My Fight..

This Is Something More..This Is Not My Life..

I Didn't Need To Leave To Stay Right Here..

I Didn't Need To Kneel To Stay Right Here..

I Have Screamed Until My Veins Collapsed..

I've Waited As My Time's Elapsed..

Now All I Do Is Live With So Much Fate..

I've Wished For This, I've Bitched At That..

I've Left Behind This Little Fact..

"You Cannot Kill What You Did Not Create.."

I've Gotta Say What I've Gotta Say..

I Guess I'll Save The Best For Last..

My Future Seems Like One Big Past..

Sunday, 1 February 2009

In Love With A Maiden..

Bibit Angan Membuahkan Seribu Harapan..
Menggunung Melangit Meninggi Ke Awan...
Siapa Sangka Wajah Yang Ku Puja..
Terbit Bagai Sinar Sang Suria..

Ku Rasa Bagai Seluruh Alam Bersama Ku..
Buat Peneman Tatkala Hati Merindu..
Selamat Datang Ku Ucapkan Padamu..
Kerana Kau Hadir Didalam Hatiku..

Lama Mana Tiada Ku Peduli..
Biar Pun Seribu Tahun Kau Ku Nanti..
Datangnya Dikau Dikala Hati Ku Penuh Duri..
Kau Cabut Cebis Demi Cebis Duri Yang Berbaki..

Wajah Mu Suci Bak Lautan Membiru..
Mata Mu Bersinar Bagai Jatuhan Salju..
Bibir Mu Terukir Senyuman Manis Bak Madu..
Punca Aku Menaruh Hati Pada Mu..

Andai Ada Aral Melintang Akan Ku Rempuh..
Andai Ada Badai Melanda Akan Ku Tempuh..
Biar Diriku Terjatuh, Lumpuh..
Rasa Hati Ini Terhadap Mu Tidak Akan Rapuh..

Lukisan Tabir Melirik Pandangan Mata..
Saat Ditatap Hati Penuh Rasa Derita...
Girangkah Hati Melihat Suatu Dusta?...
Hati Bagai Dirobek Sebilah Senjata....

Hajat Di Hati Ingin Bahagia Selalu...
Gembira Dicari Derita Datang Dahulu..
Mungkin Benar Kata Orang-Orang Tua Itu..
Mahukan Kesenangan Rasailah Kesakitan Dulu..

Dalam Menderita Kulihat Suatu Cahaya..
Nun Jauh Dipuncak Bukit Ditengah Belantara..
Rimbanya Ku Redah Bukitnya Kudaki Sekuat Tenaga..
Dibenakku Tertanya Apakah Yang Ada Disebaliknya?

Betapa Sakitnya Seluruh Tubuh Badanku..
Tatkala Tiba Di Puncak Bukit Itu.......
Kini Ku Merangkak Kearah Cahaya Itu....
Disitu,Kulihat Dirimu Melambai Padaku..

Derita Ku Hilang Lelah Ku Pergi..
Tangan Mu Ku Genggam Setulus Hati..
Senyumlah Tatkala Membaca Puisi Ini..
Kerana Hatiku Menantimu Hingga Mati..


Above Is Poems That I've Created From Within My Heart To Someone Whom I Fall In Love With..Sincerely And Deep Down My Heart..To The Deepest Darkest Pit Of Earth..That's How I Feel Towards Her..Who Is She?Well Lets Just Make It As Miss X For Now..Why?Recently I've To Wait..I Don't Know..Almost A Year? Just For Her Telephone Number..Imagine That..As Time Passes By I Finally Made It And It Was A Big Shock For Me But It's Like Winning A Million Ringgit! So What Really Makes Me Called Her As Miss X Is That,When She Knows How I Feel Of Her..Again I've To Wait Like I've Waited For Her Number..There's An Old Saying That "Big Things Don't Come Easy..But When It Does..You're Gonna Deal With It As It Is Your Last Moment To Live In This World.."So,If I Can Wait For The Number Why Can't I Wait For The Person Right?I Mean,It's Worth Waiting Someone Like Miss X..She's Something That I Not..Another Half Of Me..It's Feel Like When I'm With Her I'm Whole..As A One..One Person..One Complete Person Living Life As It Is..Miss X..If You Read This..Know This And Notice This That I'm Truly Deeply Fall In Love With You Even I Never Meet You!Imagine If We Had Meet Each Other..It's Must Be Incredible..Well Of Course..The Terms Here Is......
"If"..Again.."If Only"..."God,I'm In Such A Pain..Help Me!..Give Me Her Heart.. Amen.."

Mistakes And Mistakes As Always..

And They Lose Again..Why?As Always As It Is..The Reff..Looks Like The Field Authority Done Their Part Again On An Unfair Decision To Chelsea...It's Still On The Decision Making..That's Just Life As It Is..Some Make Mistakes And Some Been
The Victims Of Those Mistakes..