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Saturday, 21 March 2009

When The Devil Sees Red...

What A Night This Is..Happy?Sort Of..It Will Be Good If Seeing My

Team Win..Instead They're Lost..It's Ok..At Least To A Better Side

Right?A Little Bit Happy When Seeing The Red Devil Humiliated By

My Neighbour Team..Fulham..It's Good..I Feel Good..Even Better

Seeing Rooney And Scholes Sees The Reds..The Invitational Card

To Walk Away From The Field..With A 3 Match Band..Oh My..What

A Night..What A Weekend..Let's See How's The Reds Will Do About

This..Will They Back To 2nd Place?Or It's Gonna Be The Same?.....

I'm In The Phase Of Paranoid...

It's Said That Life Isn't Always As We Want It To Be..The Rythmic Tempo Of Life Sometimes Make Me Think, Can I At Least Get To See Her?The Barrier She Made
Just Make Me Think
Finished With Her Because She Couldn't Help Me With My Mind And People Think I'm Insane Because I Am Frowning All The Time..

Well, All Day Long I Think Of Things But Nothing Seems To Satisfy.Guess What?Think I'll Lose My Mind If I Don't Find Something To Pacify.Can You Help Me?Can She Help Me?Can Anyone Help Me?Occupy My Brain?
I Need Someone To Show Me The Things In Life That I Can't Find..I Can't See The Things That Make True Happiness, I Must Be Blind..

Make A Joke and I Will sigh And You Will Laugh And I Will Cry..It's Happiness That I Cannot Feel And Love To Me Is So Unreal..And So As You Read These Words Telling You Are Now Of My State..I Want To Tell You To Enjoy Life I Wish I Could But It's Too Late..