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Saturday, 31 January 2009

La Mia Storia di Vita..(My Life Story..)

Isn't That What All People Do?Or Perhaps There's A Bunch Of People That Just Don't Mind What's The Reason To Search Any Kind Of Living..What A Life...

This Is What Most People Do..Perhaps It Sounds The Same As Searching But Is It? Well I Don't See It's The Same..Why?Well,When You Search You Know What You Want And What You Need For Your Own Life..When You Seek,You're Cover With Lust,Jealousy,Anger,Mostly Is, The Whisper Of The Damn Devil..

I've Been Search For A Lot Of Things In My Life..None Would Be As What As I Want It To Be..The Decision Making Is Crucial And I'm Failed Mostly In That Particular Reason..This Terms Called "Decision" Is Totally Annoying Me..But Hey,Life Is Life And Running Doesn't Do Me Any Good..Face It Like A Man..A
Good Muslims Don't Run From Their Fate..The Problems Seems To Me Like A Metal That Keep On Attract To A Magnet Which Is Me..The Magnet..Oh How
Ironic Is That..It Should Be Fun If The Terms "Magnet" Attract People And
Fame..For Me,It Attracts More Problemo Than Ultimato Life..Well Damn Me..
Still,It's Lay On The Term "Decision"..

"What Would Happen If I Don't Do That?".."Why Do I Take It?".."How On Earth
Did That Happen?"...Regrets,Lots Of Regret..Yeah Just Great..I Regret A Lot Of
Things In Life And It Should Be A Lesson To Learn..Or Learned..Or....................... Oh My,How Stupid I Am Not To Think Things Twice Before Doing It!Just To Help
Myself Alive Again,The Phrase "Allah Will Never Test His Servant More Than They Can Chew On The Test Themself..For Allah Know Everything Between His Servant Doing.." Kept Me Moving On With Life..There,Lies Something That Only Allah Knows What's The Best For Me..And What's For Me According To My Own Decision..You Can Plan..You Can Choose..But Still HE'S Calling All The Shots Whether To Give It Or Not..



Saluti..Or Greetings In Italian..A First Timer I Am..
As Getting Into This Newly Thing For Me..Blogging....
Well,I've Been Trying To Do This For A Long Time And
I Can't..Why?Don't Really Know The Main Reason Though
But A List Can Be Made..Such As Time..Mood?..Maybe...
Lazy..Yeah..That's It..Lazy..Finally The Lazy Kept Away
From Me Now..

What I Can Think Of Right Now That A Person May Has An
Influence To Me To Become A Blogger..Damn If Only That
Person Knows How Much He/She Influence Me..Way To Go Mi