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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

121 - How To Set Rear-View Mirrors To Eliminate Blind Spots

It may be surprising to learn that there is a better way of setting the rearview mirrors on the car. A quick test is that if one looks in your side mirrors and the side of the car is seen, it means that the mirror's capacity is not being used. Many people notably have a huge overlap between the side and center rear view mirrors, this is important. When the side mirrors are spread, no information is lost about what is present behind. Although valuable insight must be gained regarding what is present beside. Many driving schools recommend this new method; it also includes the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina.

What are Blind Spots?

Blind spots are the areas in which a vehicle cannot be seen from either the driver's secondary vision, inside mirror or the side mirrors. Many drivers set their side mirrors in a way that they can just barely see the side of their car in the mirrors. By setting the side mirrors in a proper way and also using the rearview mirror can reduce the blind spots. However the size of these blind spots is still capable of hiding a vehicle.

How is Blind spot caused?

Perhaps one needs to change lanes or merge into traffic every time when while driving. These maneuvers of routine nature can cause dangerous situations because every vehicle has blind spots. According to a survey, there is an estimate of 630,000 lane change and merge crashes every year causing nearly 225 fatalities. Although not needed to say but the simple act of changing lanes or merging requires precautions and practice. Blind spots are also called blind zones.

How to eliminate blind spots

Following are some of the useful ways to remove blind spots;
-'? One should lean his head over in a way that it almost touches the driver's window. Then the side mirror should be positioned on the car's left side so one can just see the rear or the car or the quarter panel in the mirror. It must be noted that this will have the mirror positioned farther out than one did not possibly had it before.

-'? The center rearview mirror can be adjusted in a position that it faces the rear window's center.

-'? The head can be leaned to the right for aligning it with the center of the car. An example can be just between the two front seats at a considerable normal height. The right side mirror can be positioned from there so the rear quarter panel of the passenger side in can be seen in the mirror.

-'? It can be noted while driving that a car passing by begins in the center of the rearview mirror. As it approaches, it moves to the side of the center rear view mirror. It appears on the side mirror at the same time. Because the mirrors are overlapped, this would mean that that there is no rear blind spot.

-'? It can also be noted that the side mirrors will now capture a great extra amount of view that is in the lanes quickly next to the car. Turning the head for needed before for ensure if there was nothing in the lanes next to the car prior to changing lanes. But now, the side mirrors have much better productivity and better job of covering this blind spot on the sides.
Useful tips

Following are some useful tips;

-'? At least one week should be given the new mirrors this way. It will initially seem strange in the beginning but soon one will get adjusted.

-'? It should be noted that parallel parking becomes more difficult as one can see his car what is next to it in the side mirrors without moving the head.

-'? Scanning the mirrors constantly instead of only checking them is helpful; particularly when one wants to change the lanes or pass the other will generally prevent someone from sneaking up. This mirror setting method of pairing with continuous scanning will help the driver to be aware every time of all those around.


Following are some warning which one needs to give attention;
-'? The mirrors must never be adjusted while driving.

-'? Extra important information can be received about the traffic's behavior through looking over one's shoulders. One can never get this view even looking at the mirrors no matter how well they are positioned.

-'? One must make a habit to always look over the shoulders before changing lanes.

-'? Although this mirror technique is very beneficial in reducing the problem of blind spots but one cannot totally depend on it for eliminating blind spots. There may be other moving objects like even bicycles, motorcycles and smaller cars that can possibly hide in unexpected areas around one's car.

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