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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

120 - How To Cure Your Approach Anxiety Now Using A Secret Method Of The World's Top Athletes

During the course of my years as a dating coach, one of the most common problems I've noticed that guys face is the fear of approaching women. If you get the fear when you approach a girl, this is called approach anxiety. Almost every guy has some level of fear when they approach women. This is normal. Whats not normal is when your approach anxiety prevents you from going up to and talking to the woman you want.

The following brief article will show you the way the pro's use to cure their approach anxiety. If you find that your approach anxiety happens to be a little more intense than usual, you may need to combine this technique with a few other techniques to completely cure your approach anxiety.

In this lesson, we are going to be talking about the art of visualization and how visualizations can help you cure your approach anxiety. A visualization is basically you, picturing in your mind a sequence of events. Its kind of like seeing a movie of yourself doing something all in your head. The World's top sports stars use visualizations every day. All they do is visualize themselves scoring the game ending goal many times in a row. Since the subconscious mind can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy, when it comes time to make that game winning shot in the real world, the superstar has already made it thousands of times in his mind which makes the game winner a very easy shot to make.

Probably the biggest reason you get approach anxiety is because you are afraid of the possibility that the girl might say something negative to you, she might react to you in a bad way. Men believe that women will react to them in a bad way if they just approach women out of the blue. At the core, you're scared of being rejected. No one likes to get rejected and men especially don't like to get rejected and then have everyone around them witness them getting rejected by a pretty girl. It crushes our ego.

Since all men have this fear, a great technique for curing your approach anxiety is to visualize yourself being successful at approaching a woman and instead of her rejecting you, you have an incredible conversation with her and she is all over you. I want you to clearly visualize everything, the emotions you would feel, your feelings, the sounds, what she says to you, the colors, make your visualization as close to real life as possible. Try to make the visualization as positive as you can. Feel extremely sure of yourself, picture the girl in your head becoming really attracted to you. If you visualize this each day for about 5 minutes over the course of the next thirty days, you can cure your approach anxiety. This is EXACTLY what the World's top sports superstars do.

Don't just do this half hearted. You have to really get into it and make sure you do your visualizations every day for at least 5 minutes!

Remember, if your approach anxiety is a little more intense, you may need to combine this great technique with a few other techniques..

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